Friday, November 16, 2012

How to get to Herbert's Lair GLITCH

There is a new GLITCH on Club Penguin that allows you to get to Herbert's Lair! This one is similar to the ones during the Ultimate Jam and the one to get on the Log Plat Forms except this one adds a different room that is not supposed to be accessed yet.

First go into the whole on the right side of the floor with the ladder. BE CAREFUL! Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt by falling down.

Then once your down, go back up again and click the circled area right before the room begins to load.

Now you will be on the top floor. Now you will need to go to the door on the right to go to Herbert's Lair.

You will be at Herbert's Lair and you can see Gary being Frozen into a popsicle with Herbert's invention that is pointing directly at the sun and then you can also see a Giant Paw Print!, but We're not done yet.

You have seen Herbert's Lair,but how do you get to the other side? Well follow the arrow right next to the big red button. :)

Now you will be at the next Security Terminal. Now leave through the door and click the circled area shown below just before the room loads.

Your on the other side :) thanks to this new GLITCH! Now Can somebody help SAVE ME and GARY because it's freezing in here. Luckily I brought my scarf that can help me from freezing a little bit,but Gary is still COLD.

There are way to get to the other Security Terminals,but why would I give you all the rooms and ruin Club Herbert's surprises?

PLEASE READ: Some people are saying it's not working anymore and I just checked to see and it does still work, so you will just have to keep trying or be patient


  1. it didnt work for me

    1. It might not work anymore because the next Security Terminal was opened up,but it may also be that it takes time to do some of these.

  2. it brought me to a differnt terminal what do i do i cant click anything

  3. I am trapped in the black smoke

  4. thanks worked for me!!!

  5. it still is not working
    for me.i tried many times.please help me.

  6. WAZZUP GUYS! If you haven't seen Kitty's post about her changing her name and me coming back, well.... IM BACK! Im here to stay until i get too old for Club Penguin which will be in year..... NEVER